Our Projects

Food for People

A project to save usable products from destruction and to make sustainable use of the resources spent on production thereof.

Not by Bread Alone

The Foodbank Rus Foundation distributes non-food essentials to low-income families with children and seniors in need, supplies homeless shelters with hygiene products, delivers Pampers diapers to infant homes and perinatal centres. Priority items include toothpaste, detergents and cleaning agents, deodorants, shampoos, skin care products and diapers. Procter & Gamble, Unilever, Mothercare, Otto, SC Johnson and Splat are our key partners in this programme.

Meals for All

The Foodbank Rus launched the all-Russian volunteer project National Lunch in 2013 in cooperation with the Mercy Charity Organization. The project is aimed at involving volunteers and providing food for those in need. The project runs on a permanent basis and in different regions.

Basket of Kindness

An all-country food marathon we organized in cooperation with X5 Retail Group. You are welcome to buy a food set in supermarkets Pyaterochka, Perekrestok or Karusel and donate it to those in need.

Food Aid

Food Aid is a project carried out by Foodbank Rus Foundation in partnership with DIXY Group food retail company within the framework of the Caring Neighbours programme. Helping is easy!

Food to Help Mum

The programme is run in cooperation with the Association of Children’s Ombudsmen and the Municipal Shield of Moscow civic movement. It provides food support to low-income families with children, with a focus on large families or those with disabled children.

Breakfast Club

Foodbank Rus Foundation runs a free school meal project in cooperation with the food manufacturer Kellogg Rus designed for children from low-income families. The breakfasts include cookies, cereals, milk, and tea with sugar.

FoodSharing (#ФУДШЕРИНГ)

Many elderly people and poor families turn to us every day. All of them ask for help. Now every person can make one of them happier simply by sharing quality foodstuffs they might not need. Join the Foundation group, post on the “Share for free, FoodSharing” message board and enjoy your acts of kindness.

Yellow Bag Helps Kids

An all-Russian food marathon launched in cooperation with BILLA supermarket chain. You are welcome to buy a food set in BILLA stores and donate it to those in need.

Food for the Elderly in the Countryside

Food to the Countryside (#ПРОДУКТЫвГЛУБИНКУ) is a nationwide project aimed at supporting low-income people in the countryside. The sets include cereals, pasta, vegetable oil, conserves, tea, and desserts.


KFC continues to run the charity action Free Meal for Children in cooperation with the Foodbank Rus Foundation. All people visiting KFC restaurants across Russia can help large families with low income by donating while paying at the counter. The minimum sum donated is 10 rubles. All the money collected will be spent on buying foodstuffs across the country and giving them over to those in need.