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“Listen to Your Heart—Lyubyatovo Will Give You a Clue” Charity Event from Lyubyatovo Brand

“Listen to Your Heart—Lyubyatovo Will Give You a Clue” Charity Event from Lyubyatovo Brand

2022 started with care for families experiencing hardships. To support Lent, the Lyubyatovo team is running a charity event from 1 March to 31 May 2022 in which 1 rouble from every promotional design package will be donated to Foodbank Rus to help people in need.

Everyone can participate in the charity event. You just need to buy any Lyubyatovo product with promotional design package. We will spend raised money on food and give it to hundreds of donees. Helping people in need is especially relevant and important during Lent.

Yulia Nazarova

President of the Charity Foundation Foodbank Rus

Lubyatovo is one of the key brands of Kellogg Rus company, which has been engaged in charitable activities in Russia since 2013, mainly focusing on food support for disadvantaged multi-child families and the elderly. Today, the company's initiatives have helped more than 1 mln people in need across Russia.

Within the “Listen to your heart—Lyubyatovo will give you a clue” campaign, Kellogg's staff together with Foodbank Rus volunteers are planning a joint travel in April to pack food kits and hand them over to families in need.

Lubyatovo team knows that small expressions of big love are very important. Now everyone can contribute to a matter of great consequence and help ones who need love and care so much. We are proud of this initiative and believe that it will strike a deep chord in hearts of our customers.

Anna Mironova

Marketing Manager of Kellogg Rus LLC

Food problem is one of the biggest challenges for sustainable societies and businesses in developing countries. Charity activities of food manufacturers make it possible to take an active part in solving this problem worldwide and support people in need.

Conditions of the charity event: the charity event applies within the Russian Federation. The charity event lasts from 1 March to 31 May 2022. Maximum transfer amount of the Foundation is 5 mln roubles. The final sum will be transferred to the Foundation for the period of 1 June to 15 August 2022.