Monetary Donations

The epidemiological situation of recent months has led to a decrease in the income of citizens and a sharp increase in the number of applications to the Fund both from poor families with children, disabled people, and single pensioners from various regions who received products from the Fund before the crisis, but also from people who yesterday had a stable job, but at that point, have unexpectedly, passed into the category of those in need.

We raise money to provide food and basic-need products to people who are in a difficult life situation. The Fund buys food at maximum discounts or gets it for free from producers who are willing to help.

We are glad that life is slowly returning to normal, but many still need help. Your transfer will help us to organize food support for thousands of people in need each month.

Charges from your bank card will be made regularly to support the Help the Needy project until the full amount is collected.

Once the fundraising is complete, your automatic donations will be redirected to the subsequent fundraising within the same category of need or for the Fund’s statutory purposes.

You will be able to cancel your monthly donation at any time by clicking here.

By pressing the “Submit Application” button, I give my consent to the processing of my personal data (in Russian) in accordance with the Federal Law No. 152-FZ “On Personal Data” dated 27.07.2006, on the conditions and for the purposes specified in the consent to the processing of personal data.

We pay special attention to the collection and home delivery of food to people who are most severely affected by the new type of the coronavirus infection, which include single pensioners, disabled pensioners, and those forced to be in voluntary home quarantine (self-isolation) for the period of the declared pandemic. Delivery of food kits to single pensioners will allow them to stay at home and thus reduce the risk of infection associated with visits to public places and retail outlets.

Volunteer headquarters are now recruiting activists who are being trained and briefed on how to work in the pandemic environment and receive all the necessary protective equipment. The Fund delivers to the headquarters food/household chemicals/hygiene products, which are promptly packaged in kits and delivered by volunteers to the pensioners to minimize their contacts with other people. Pensioners will be able to call the 24/7 hotline for help; the most difficult cases will be handled through social service agencies and local church communities.