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Summing Up the Results of October

Summing Up the Results of October

1st October is International Day of Older Persons

On this day, volunteers and bloggers started distributing “baskets of kindness” for lonely old people in the Omsk Region. They survived the war, restored the country from the ruins, passed the difficult times. This year we had a hard time: the coronavirus, a lot of restrictions. It was hard for everyone. But the most responsible and disciplined people were the older generation, who disciplined endured months of self-isolation and set an example to everyone else. During two months of online marathon users of the site корзинадоброты.рф made 400 donations. These funds were used to purchase products for 250 sets. X5 Retail Group doubled the amount of food purchased, and 500 pensioners received assistance. The total weight of the collected products exceeded 2.7 tons.

In October we saved more than 450,000 kilograms of food and basic necessities from recycling and distributed them to those in need from 25 regions of the country

World Animal Day

Why is this an important date for the Foundation? Everything is simple, our activity is not limited to food aid, an important area of work is the transfer of feed to shelters for homeless animals. We get feed for free from manufacturers or collect it in stores. Boxes are installed in the shops of Moscow, Kazan, Rostov-on-don, Volgograd, Samara, Saratov. Also, you can always choose a set of food for cats and dogs on the website of корзинадоброты.рф by paying for it online. It won't take much time, but it will allow you to feed a lot of tails from shelters.

UN World Food Programme Wins 2020 Nobel Peace Prize

The Committee decided to award the prize for “efforts in the fight against hunger, for contributions to peace in conflict zones, and for acting as a leading force in action to prevent the use of hunger as a weapon of war and conflict”. It is good to see that the importance of food aid has been assessed at a high level. The work of organizations that provide food to those in need has shown its relevance and importance, especially during the pandemic, when people in difficult financial situations are even more vulnerable to external conditions.

In October, We Collected the First “Basket of Kindness” for Needy Families with Children in the Kaliningrad Region

From October 1 to October 3, volunteers managed to collect more than 800 kg of food, so 140 needy families of the region received kits with basic necessities. I would especially like to mention the volunteers of the Kaliningrad Region. For those who could not participate in the store: in October, the online marathon “Basket of Kindness” started-the fourth in this format. The Voronezh Region is next in line for our marathon. To participate, you can go to the корзинадоброты.рф and donate RUB 150 or more. The marathon will last until December 19, after which the volunteers of the Foodbank Rus will use the collected funds to purchase food and pack it in the package. Then the food packages will be sent to the families of Voronezh and the Voronezh Region.

The Regional Council of the “Zero Waste League” Started Its Work in Saint Petersburg

The first meeting was attended by more than 50 people, online and offline, including Diana Kropotina, Director Of the Foodbank’s Department for the northwestern Federal district. The participants of the meeting were major manufacturers that implement a sustainable development strategy, minimize the formation of food waste in their activities, and engage in education in the field of responsible consumption (IKEA Russia, Danone Russia, Coca-Cola in Russia, and others). The participating companies agreed to continue working together to implement large-scale initiatives in the field of environmental education.

The Foodbank Rus Won a Grant from the Mayor of Moscow

The project of the Foundation “Products to help” is aimed at developing charity in one of the most important areas—food security of the city of Moscow. As a result, targeted assistance will be provided to citizens in need with the delivery of high-quality products, and volunteers will receive information and organizational support. Participants will be trained in the basics of volunteering, group leadership and the development of such activities, learn about the features of working with chain stores, and gain knowledge about the principles of proper nutrition.

Support for Doctors

We continue to support doctors and have delivered 5.5 tons of food to hospitals in St. Petersburg, Moscow and Ryazan. Volunteers brought tea, coffee, water, sausage products, dairy products and sweets to employees of medical institutions where patients with coronavirus are treated. Doctors will be able to have a snack and a little recharge during the working day.

We really appreciate the work of doctors and try to make their work in hospitals a little more comfortable. Thank you!

World Food Day

This is a special date for the entire Foundation team. On this day, we traditionally sum up the results of work to prevent food losses over the eight years of our existence. 41.6 mln kg of good food and essential goods fell into the hands of poor citizens of the country.

In the first nine months of this year, we have already saved 5.7 mln kg of food and consumer goods from recycling and distributed them to 55 regions in need.